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Ep 63: Polarity: A Deep Dive with Damien Bohler

March 26, 2024

The Pleasure Revolution
I'm Meg
Sex and relationship coach. Host of the top-rated podcast Sex, Love & Everything In Between. And biiiggg believer that you shouldn’t ever deprive yourself of the deep depth of your turn on. 
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Join Meg, Jacob, and special guest Damien Bohler in this podcast episode where they unpack the dynamic interplay of polarity in relationships, what dominance means and how Gene Keys frameworks can help deepen the relationship with your partner.

Damien is a master at synthesizing complex subjects into digestible, actionable insights, shares his expertise on a wide array of topics including Authentic Relating, Attachment Theory, Polarity, and much more. His passion lies in weaving these diverse threads into a dynamic tapestry that enriches our understanding of relationships and propels us toward thriving in life and love.

This conversation takes you through the journey of embracing one’s true self in the realm of creative expression and the transformative power of understanding and negotiating the delicate balance of energies in love. It’s an exploration of how embracing our authentic selves and understanding the essence of polarity can deepen our connections and enrich our interactions.

They also riff of on:

  • The transformative impact of polarity in relationships
  • Embracing and negotiating masculine and feminine energies
  • Understanding gender dynamics and their influence on relationships
  • The crucial role of personal responsibility and benevolent dominance
  • The Gene Keys framework and its implications for personal growth
  • Practical insights into fostering adoration and acknowledgment in love

And much more…

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Hello my love
hello my love

I’m Meg O’Neill 

I used to withhold my desires, truth, and voice. At work. In my relationships. In all moments when that little voice of society came into my ear to whisper: “you have to stay small: no one likes a woman who is loud or chaotic or a whore.” 

Then, for just a moment, I wondered what it would be like to own my needs. To ask for what I want. To receive pleasure from my partner the way I want. To be fully ALIVE. 

Nearly a decade later, I’ve coached 700+ women to a deeper state of ALIVE-ness. Founded the Full Spectrum Woman program. And co-host a podcast for women and couples who refuse to silence the desires raging inside.