Full Spectrum Woman

Reclaim your deep feminine power to experience the extraordinary relationships, epic sex, and fully expressed life you crave. 

The Couples Course

Meet beyond a place of “who’s right.” For a wilder, sexier, more connected partnership.

The Pleasure Revolution

Unlock your orgasmic potential. To experience the most fulfilling, ecstatic sex of your life.





Mentorship with Meg

Reawaken your feminine power. Unleash your full spectrum expression. Experience deep Partnership & life you crave.

1:1 Coaching 

Reawaken your Feminine power.
Unleash your full spectrum expression. 
Experience the deep partnership& Life you crave.

Reawaken your Feminine power.
Unleash your full spectrum expression. 
Experience the deep partnership you crave.


This is for the woman who gets off on going deep - in love, leadership & Life.

I work with high-achieving women who are making big moves in the world yet ache to be claimed & chosen in love. 
Women who are ready to stretch into the edges of who they were told they should be - and bring their FULL FEMININE RANGE to their man & entire Life. 
Women who are ready to clean up their patterns of control & emasculation - so they can truly be ravished in partnership. 
Women who are ready to descend deep into their body & awaken the fullest expression of their pleasure & power.
Women who are 'all in' when it comes to truly experiencing what they want in love & Life - and are ready for honest reflections & fiercely loving coaching along the way. 


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NOTE: Meg works with clients for a min. of 3 months. And only takes a small amount of women on at a time to ensure intimacy & depth. 

JACQUI sive - NZ

"Your work changed my life"

"I highly recommend Meg’s coaching services to high achieving women who want it ALL. I’ve had HUGE results in my business, my relationship & my connection to myself & my Pussy!"


“You’re a phenomenal coach. I'm so so so so so so so so grateful I joined. You’ve guided me into an elevation that would NOT have otherwise taken place. FUCKING LOVE YOU!”

"You're a phenomenal coach!"

mackenzie severns - Aus

"Working with Meg enabled me to stand in my power, and find my voice in business and life."

" I am so much lighter, happier, and trust myself more than ever before!"

Meg O’Neill

Led by the OG Full Spectrum Woman:

Meg is a trusted leader, teacher, and coach in the world of sex, relationships, and feminine embodiment. She founded The Membership after spending almost a decade helping 700+ women through her coaching work. 

Meg has been walking the path of deep partnership with her husband Jacob for almost a decade. They have a relationship that she counts as the thing she’s most proud of in life. Alongside Jacob, she now hosts the top-rated relationship podcast Sex. Love & Everything in Between.

From studying tantra to exploring the depths of plant medicine & psychedelics – Meg has spent a decade on the path of self-exploration and expansion. She holds a degree in Psychology, is a trained Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, and runs a multiple 6-figure business.