Unleash your Feminine power
Become the chain breaker in your lineage
Experience epic sex, deep partnership & a fully expressed Life

Unleash your Feminine power
Become the chain breaker in your lineage
Experience epic sex, deep partnership & a fully expressed Life

Full Spectrum Woman:
The Membership

It’s time to reclaim the parts of yourself the world taught you were wrong, shameful or not welcome

Your rage. Your chaos. 
Your depth. Your fullness. Your pleasure. Your sensuality.
It’s time to be a FULL SPECTRUM WOMAN! 

You know you’re not here to fit in a box. 

You’ve tried that. 

You’ve tried being the “good girl.

The “cool girl.”
The one that goes along with whatever others desire (while pushing your own desires down).

And it has left you feeling… 

Empty. Lost. Lonely. Deeply unsatisfied. 

You’re here because you’re done CAGING YOURSELF UP! 

You’re here because… YOU WANT MORE! 

You want a love that brings you to your knees with gratitude. 

You want sex that has you forgetting your name. 

You want a Life that feels… TRUE.


Full Spectrum Woman:
The Membership

A deeply trusted space & global membership for women ready to unleash their Feminine power, become the chain breaker in their lineage & experience epic sex, deep intimacy & a fully expressed Life! 

Get TO Know

My Story

Terrified of being high-maintenance, of being “too much” — I would stay silent, instead of powerfully voicing my truth. 

In the bedroom. In my relationships. At work. In every aspect of my life. 

Then one day 6 years ago my entire life changed. 

During a ceremony at a retreat, I began moving and dancing my body in ways I never had before. 

For the first time, it felt like my body was moving me. Huge waves of pleasure and liberation washed over me. All the parts of me that I’d been told were “wrong” or “too much” suddenly came to LIFE!!!

And as my hips circled and this raw feminine power moved through my whole body – I suddenly began to bawl. 

I dropped to my knees and began to wail for all the women that came before me that never unlocked this part of themselves. My mother. My grandmother. My great grandmother. And many more.

Women who never felt safe enough to unleash the full spectrum of their feminine power. 

And right then I vowed… “This ends with ME!” 

No more caging up my truth. 

No more pushing down my voice. 

No more contorting myself in a bid to be liked, understood or desirable. 

And after that day... my life completely changed. 

My love: I used to push down my needs. 

Becoming a Full Spectrum Woman was the doorway to all I truly ached for. 

My long-term relationship transformed. I went from nagging & trying to control him to vulnerably revealing the truth of my heart & feeling met like never before. 

My business boomed. As I tapped into the power of my Pussy & deepened into my voice - I went from having a $40K year to a $240k year. 

My orgasms became mind-blowing. I went from having ‘good sex’ to the kinda sex that had me forgetting my own fucking name. 

My life became deeper & truer. I learnt to say ‘No’. And became so clear on what I was and was NOT available for. 

But beyond that… 

I became the first woman in my lineage (for a very, very, very long time!) to truly embrace her wild, erotic, untamed Feminine power! 

When you own your Full Spectrum, your entire life changes! 

When you go from trying to be palatable & ‘good’ to unleashing your wild, erotic Feminine power… You will unlock a magnetism & aliveness like nothing you’ve ever felt. 

When you let go of ‘nagging’ your man & learn the art of revealing the truth of your heart to him… You will become a woman that finally gets what she wants in love & relationship. 

When you begin to descend from your head down into the raw, Feminine power that lives in your Pussy & body… You will become an unfuckwithable force in the world. 

When you become a woman no longer pushing down her emotions but devoted to feeling IT ALL - anger, rage, grief, ecstasy, joy, chaos… You will experience orgasms & pleasure like never before. 

When you walk the path of the Full Spectrum Woman… your entire Life & lineage will transform. 

A sisterhood of women devoted to unleashing the full force of their Feminine power. 

When you join this membership you’re joining a revolution.

A movement of chain breaking women no longer willing to contort or dilute themselves. 

Including 6 deeply transformational modules with guided practices, easily watched while comfy in your PJs. 


Life-Changing Content

We'll gather live every month to drop into our bodies and be in self -pleasure. To embrace the kind of intimacy that carries into all other aspects of your life too. 

Pleasure Practices

Monthly Live Gatherings

Real-time coaching & support from Meg. As well as a community of women who hold space for you to be seen. 


Monthly 90-Min Call

Be supported as you experience the relationship of your deepest desires…with calls joined by my husband Jacob – a leader in men’s and relationship coaching. Happening every second month. 

Relationship Q+A

Bi-Monthly Q+A Calls

Let your full spectrum become even more deeply ALIVE, with expert teachings from guests who are experts in pleasure, intimacy, and claiming all the things you deeply crave. 

Guest Teachings

To bring all your life alive

Inside access to a private online space (not an only-kinda-active Facebook group) where like-minded women hold space for your messiness, depth, desires, and everything in between.


Community Portal

When you enter Full Spectrum Woman, you’ll find:

MEMBERSHIP sisterhood& online hub
MONTHLY COACHING w/ Meg + Bi-Montly Relationship Q+A w/ Jacob & Meg  

Access to the MEMBERSHIP Curriculum & Vault of replays

w/ MEG

w/ MEG

w/ MEG
guest teachers

Eleanor Hadley

The Art of Seduction: Embodied Lap Dance 

Jane Hardwicke Collings

The Spiritual Practice of Menstruation 

Tahlia Swartz

Cycle Tracking & Natural Contraception

Lisa johanSSon - SWEDEN

"I will never walk this Earth the same again."

It's hard to even explain the shifts it has brought me. I am so much more connected to my body & pleasure. I am also aware of my own patterns & stories in a bigger way. I just feel like a powerful woman. I have a MASSIVE LOVE for the women I am walking this path with. 

Katharina JUNG - Germany

At the very moment I said “Yes!” to Full Spectrum Woman, I experienced a massive shift within my whole system. I was buzzing, more sensitive, more aware. The whole journey lit a fire within me, that feels like a paving stone for a path that is beyond what I have expected to feel. The depth in which I have started to feel as a woman is magic.

"The depth in which I have started to feel as a woman is magic."

kayla anderson - NEW ZEALAND

My ability to hold pleasure in my body is growing and growing and it feels sooo juicy! So grateful to be treating myself like the queen I am in and outside of the bedroom.

"FSW has allowed me to deepen my relationship with my
Pussy & pleasure!"

Margrethe Skaalavik - GERMANY

If you are a woman wanting to create more of your time here on earth by really being YOU and moving from and with pleasure, Full Spectrum Woman is the place for you. I know I’ve already become so much more true to myself, true to my body and to every external thing, and it’s only been 5months!!

"The teachings are on fire!"

Inge Tillai - INDIA

Full Spectrum Woman  is the realest, deepest, and most loving container that I have ever had the pleasure of being part of. Meg and her team are phenomenal at dropping truths, holding you accountable, lovingly holding, and guiding you to where you want to go!

"The realest, deepest & most loving container!"

6 deeply transformational modules to give support as you awaken your feminine power, step into your sexual aliveness, and experience the relationship and life you deeply desire. 


Being it all & Feeling it all

From emotional alchemy to descending into your dark feminine. This module will offer you the tools, teachings, and practices to truly uncage the truth of your feminine, truly own your emotions and take up space as a Full Spectrum Woman.

Emotional alchemy practice. Rage practice. Somatic shaking practice.

Your embodiment practices will include

Meeting Your Pussy & Awakening Your Pleasure

Let’s come into a deeper connection with your greatest wisdom keeper: your pussy. 
Together we’ll be exploring:
  • Trauma release & integrating shame held in your pussy
  • Unlocking the ancient wisdom between your legs
  • The art of self-pleasure

Your embodiment practices will include

Pussy breathing. The art of Pussy Gazing. Pussy de-armouring practice. Somatic trauma release practice.

Your Womb & Sacred Menstruation 

You’ll experience two incredible expert guest teachers to take you on a journey into your womb, understanding your cycle & honouring your hormones.  

Your embodiment practices will include

Cycle tracking. Cycle syncing. Natural contraception. And more. 

The Art of Intimacy & Relationships

From healing your relationship to the masculine to the art of expressing your truth in partnership, this module will transform the way you do relationships as a Full Spectrum Woman… forever. 
Together we’ll be exploring:

  • The #1 practice of a Full Spectrum Woman in relationship 
  • Healing your relationship with the masculine
  • How to bring out the best in a man
  • Your greatest gifts as a feminine lover & partner
  • The art of expressing your truth & emotions in partnership
  • Owning yourself as the oracle

Your guided embodiment practices will include

Playing in your Full Spectrum Embodiment practice.  

Owning your Desires & Getting What you Want 

We’ll be deep diving into what you truly, deeply ache for. And how to bring this to life… THROUGH THE BODY! In this module we’ll explore holding your standards, borrowed vs. authentic desires & the art of sex magic. 

Your guided embodiment practices will include

5-sense reality manifestation practice. Sex magic. And more.

Unleashing Your Sacred Slut

We’ll be taking a deeper dive into releasing shame and guilt around pleasure to become a wildly slutty woman! You’ll learn how to embrace both the homemaker & the whore archetypes (and everything in between). To experience wilder sex & more expansive orgasms.

Your embodiment practices will include:

Embodied Lap Dance. Wild sacred slut practice. And more.

Be the chain breaker in your lineage


Supported by a community of other women being their own chain breakers

"The sisterhood and knowledge you find here is incomparable! Being seen by women I admire so much is so deeply healing to my Feminine."

A Full Spectrum Woman
from Germany

Think of this as the membership for you, your relationship & your lineage. 

Meg O’Neill

Led by the OG Full Spectrum Woman:

Meg is a trusted leader, teacher, and coach in the world of sex, relationships, and feminine embodiment. She founded The Membership after spending almost a decade helping 700+ women through her coaching work. 

Meg has been walking the path of deep partnership with her husband Jacob for almost a decade. They have a relationship that she counts as the thing she’s most proud of in life. Alongside Jacob, she now hosts the top-rated relationship podcast Sex. Love & Everything in Between.

From studying tantra to exploring the depths of plant medicine & psychedelics – Meg has spent a decade on the path of self-exploration and expansion. She holds a degree in Psychology, is a trained Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, and runs a multiple 6-figure business.

The Investment

Monthly Membership

USD $159/month

6 month commitment (cancel anytime after 6 months)

Yearly Membership

USD $1590/year

Everything you get with the Monthly Membership, now with 2 months for free.

*Best-suited for women who deeply know it’s time for life transformation and are committed to changing their sex, pleasure, relationships, and life over the next year.

The Membership Curriculum - 6 modules of deeply transformative content inc. embodiment practices

Access to the VAULT of Content – including hours and hours of replays

Guest Teaching Calls – from experts in intimacy, sex, and embracing your ALIVE-ness

Monthly LIVE Group Coaching w/ Meg 

Monthly LIVE Pleasure Practice w/ Meg 

Relationship Q+A w/ Meg & Jacob – every second month: to create epically attuned relationships

Access to the The Membership Sisterhood – a private, safe space: not a Facebook group

Best value!

The Membership Curriculum - 6 modules of deeply transformative content inc. embodiment practices

Access to the VAULT of Content – including hours and hours of replays

Guest Teaching Calls – from experts in intimacy, sex, and embracing your ALIVE-ness

Monthly LIVE Group Coaching w/ Meg 

Monthly LIVE Pleasure Practice w/ Meg 

Relationship Q+A w/ Meg & Jacob – every second month: to create epically attuned relationships

Access to The Membership Sisterhood – a private, safe space: not a Facebook group

6 month commitment (cancel anytime after 6 months)

Works out at USD$132.50/ month. (A.k.a. Get 2 months free)

BONUS: Pleasure Wand Pack
(worth $200+)

Use your special code FSW50 at checkout to enjoy 50% OFF!

“Epic sex CANNOT happen when the heart is closed.”

Meet Jacob: Meg’s Partner and a Leading Men’s Coach 

As The Membership program guides you toward a new elevation of life experience, Meg’s partner Jacob will be there to facilitate the creation of your most deeply-desired, heart-open relationship. 

A master coach and leader in the realm of intimacy, relationship, and men’s work…founder of The Gathering of Men…and co-host of the Sex, Love & Everything In Between podcast…Jacob will guide you on the art of loving a man and evoking the best from your partner. His potent teaching style will give support as you step into a truer expression within your relationship, while healing your relationship with the Masculine. 

Feeling called to the space but needing deeper clarity?

Questions other women have asked before joining our community:


What if I’ve never done something like this before?

Perfect. You do not need any kind of previous experience to step inside Full Spectrum Woman. And I’m over here celebrating you for deciding to lean into something new!



Deep life change doesn’t happen overnight. When you join Full Spectrum Woman, we ask you to make a commitment of at least 6 months. 

If you’re being called to this space (which you are, or you wouldn’t be reading this Q!), we believe it’s worth investing in yourself enough to apply its teachings for long enough that you truly begin to see life change. (Which only takes days…but radically multiplies in power across 6 months.)

At its core, embracing your power as a Full Spectrum Woman is a lifestyle – not a one-off course. Most women stay in the membership beyond the 6 months after seeing the radical freedom that comes from being a Full Spectrum Woman. 


How much access do I get to Meg inside Full Spectrum Woman?

You’ll have at least 2 opportunities every month to be live with Meg. A LIVE Group Coaching Call – where you’ll have the opportunity to receive personalised coaching and support from Meg – and a LIVE Guided Pleasure Practice – where you’ll be personally guided into your body and led on a deep journey with Meg at the helm.

Every second month, Meg will also be offering a group coaching call alongside her husband, Jacob. To deeply support you in the realm of intimacy & relationships.


When does Full Spectrum Woman begin?

You’ll get immediate access to the in-depth library of Q+A’s, the FSW Curriculum, and the safe, Sisterhood community space that forms the program. From that point on, you’ll also be able to join all live calls. 


When are the monthly Coaching & Embodiment Calls?

Our Full Spectrum Women come from all corners of the globe, including Australia, Europe, the UK, and the US. For that reason, we offer two call times throughout the month: 

Tuesdays 7am AEST
Tuesdays 6pm AEST 

(Please convert to your relevant timezone – we recommend this tool. Call times are subject to change). 

All calls will be recorded and available on the community portal within 24 hours. So you can watch or rewatch at your convenience. 


I’m not currently in a relationship. Is this for me?

Of course. Whether you’re in a relationship…seeking to co-create the kind of relationship that you deeply desire…or simply want to live a more empowered life with the support of a Sisterhood…this membership is for you. 

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How long will I have access to the content & everything inside?

You will have access to the content and all inclusions for as long as you are a member of Full Spectrum Woman.


Will I be able to get a refund?

All sales are full and final. Refunds will not be issued. I 100% stand behind this work. I’ve poured years into creating this space and am very confident that you truly won’t want to leave when you see the transformation that begins to take place. 


What if I don’t have time for this right now? I’m so busy!

I hear you. But let’s be real: there’s never really a “good time” to do something like this. To get the most out of the membership, you’ll need to carve out about 1 hour a week. If 1 hour a week doesn’t feel worth it to experience a life that feels true, with epically connected sex and deep intimacy forevermore...then this membership might not be for you yet. 

But if you are truly feeling the call to join this space, I trust that you’ll make it important.



I don’t want to say I’m hesitating…but I am. What do you think about that?

I get it. The path of the Full Spectrum Woman can feel scary. I have women tell me ALL THE TIME that they unfollowed me.... followed me... unfollowed me again... before finally feeling the courage to step into this membership. 

I can't take away the emotions holding you back right now. But I can tell you that there are women inside my work that say they feel more in touch with themselves (and more in love with their partner) than they've felt in 30 years! 

This work WORKS! Just ask the women currently in the membership – a majority of whom stayed after their first 6 months. 

You are here to be a

Use your special code FSW50 at checkout to enjoy 50% OFF!