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Ep 62: Anger and Emotional Expression in a Relationship

March 26, 2024

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I'm Meg
Sex and relationship coach. Host of the top-rated podcast Sex, Love & Everything In Between. And biiiggg believer that you shouldn’t ever deprive yourself of the deep depth of your turn on. 
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Ignite Your Intimacy

How do you embrace and navigate the raw power of emotional expression in your relationship, especially anger?

This episode is a deep dive into the essence of true emotional expression and intimacy, showcasing the importance of creating a safe space where every emotion is welcomed without judgment. Meg and Jacob talked about the art of expressing feelings without projection and the transformative impact of fully embracing each other’s emotional spectrum.

If you want to build a relationship that thrives on authenticity, vulnerability, and mutual respect, allowing you both to grow and connect on profound levels, this episode is a must for you.

We also riffed off on:

  • Embracing anger and wholeness in identity.
  • The pivotal role of responsibility and humility in business growth.
  • The transformative power of addressing “unsexy” tasks like taxes for long-term success.
  • Celebrating memorable moments of connection and engagement at personal events.
  • Exploring intimacy through playful and humorous experiences with chocolate and blindfolds.
  • Navigating the dynamics of nudism, relationships, and personal comfort zones.
  • The importance of cleanly expressing emotions in relationships to deepen intimacy.
  • Recognizing the necessity of emotional expression and the right to take up space within a partnership.

And many more!

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Ignite Your Intimacy
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In this episode of “Sex, Love, and Everything in Between,” Meg and Jacob O’Neill delve into the importance of embracing the full spectrum of emotions, particularly focusing on anger’s role in personal growth and relationships. Meg shares her journey from suppressing anger to recognizing it as a vital part of her wholeness and power as a woman. This shift involved allowing anger to occupy space in her body without attaching negative labels to it, such as being unspiritual or a bad person, and instead, seeing it as a natural and expressive energy.

Jacob introduces the podcast, emphasizing their mission to engage in uncensored discussions about sex, intimacy, and relationships. They share anecdotes from their lives, including a challenging conversation with the tax department, and reflect on personal growth, business challenges, and the importance of taking responsibility and humility in both personal and professional aspects.

The couple discusses a significant moment early in their relationship when Meg reacted to Jacob’s expression of anger over spilling a smoothie. This incident highlighted Meg’s initial discomfort with anger and her journey towards accepting and expressing it healthily. They explore the transformation in their relationship as they learned to welcome and witness each other’s anger without judgment, recognizing it as a pathway to deeper intimacy and understanding.

Meg and Jacob discuss practical ways to express anger constructively, such as smashing plates or screaming into a pillow, emphasizing the importance of doing so in a way that doesn’t project the emotion onto others but allows for a healthy release and deeper connection with oneself and one’s partner. They highlight the distinction between projecting anger in a harmful way and expressing it cleanly as a form of personal truth and liberation.

The episode concludes with a reflection on anger as a kinetic and vital energy that, when embraced and expressed healthily, can lead to greater aliveness, passion, and a deeper understanding of one’s desires and values. Meg and Jacob encourage listeners to explore their relationship with anger and to view it as an opportunity for growth and deeper connection in their relationships.

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hello my love

I’m Meg O’Neill 

I used to withhold my desires, truth, and voice. At work. In my relationships. In all moments when that little voice of society came into my ear to whisper: “you have to stay small: no one likes a woman who is loud or chaotic or a whore.” 

Then, for just a moment, I wondered what it would be like to own my needs. To ask for what I want. To receive pleasure from my partner the way I want. To be fully ALIVE. 

Nearly a decade later, I’ve coached 700+ women to a deeper state of ALIVE-ness. Founded the Full Spectrum Woman program. And co-host a podcast for women and couples who refuse to silence the desires raging inside.