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Ep 71: Feminine business, Shamanism & taking a Masculine cleanse w/ Taj Savitri

May 16, 2024

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Sex and relationship coach. Host of the top-rated podcast Sex, Love & Everything In Between. And biiiggg believer that you shouldn’t ever deprive yourself of the deep depth of your turn on. 
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Discover what it truly means to walk the feminine path with integrity and the power of a Masculine cleanse with Taj Savitri.

Taj is an amazing CEO, Mexican medicine woman, business priestess, and co-founder of Tulum’s intentional community, Mother Tree.

In this episode, join Meg and Taj as they have a heartfelt conversation about feminine empowerment and spirituality. They dive into the journey women experience as they transition from the maiden to the mother archetype. They talk about how major life events like death or loss can help women anchor more firmly into their truth, becoming more discerning and “unfuckwithable,” able to see through the nonsense.

Meg and Taj emphasize the importance of women being intentional in their relationships and connections, whether it’s in their personal life, business, or other areas. They highlight that embracing destruction, chaos, and discomfort is a vital part of the feminine experience.

They also riff off on:

  • Meg and Taj discuss the transition from “maiden” to “mother” archetypes and how it relates to becoming “unfuckwithable” and having stronger discernment
  • They emphasize the importance of being precise and intentional in relationships, business, and who you connect with
  • They touch on how embracing destruction, chaos, and discomfort is part of the feminine experience Meg and Taj talk about allowing life to guide you through uncomfortable transitions, even if it means letting go of business for a period
  • They both share personal experience with burnout and rebuilding business in a more “regenerative” way They dove deep into the topic of building strong foundations through a process that listens to natural cycles, not something fast or “extractive”
  • Taj talks about the “masculine cleanse” being undertaken and bringing internal masculine energy into balance and many, many more.

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Hello my love
hello my love

I’m Meg O’Neill 

I used to withhold my desires, truth, and voice. At work. In my relationships. In all moments when that little voice of society came into my ear to whisper: “you have to stay small: no one likes a woman who is loud or chaotic or a whore.” 

Then, for just a moment, I wondered what it would be like to own my needs. To ask for what I want. To receive pleasure from my partner the way I want. To be fully ALIVE. 

Nearly a decade later, I’ve coached 700+ women to a deeper state of ALIVE-ness. Founded the Full Spectrum Woman program. And co-host a podcast for women and couples who refuse to silence the desires raging inside.